3 offers 15GB for £15 on one month contract

Mobile broadband traffic is driven by users with dongles and embedded laptops

Just as O2 UK takes the wind out of the iPhone 3G’s sails, by announcing plans to charge extra for tethering, Hutchison Whampoa-owned rival 3 UK looks keen to scrap with a low commitment mobile broadband offering.

After rocking the market with a 15GB for £15 offer, 3 has come in with another credit crunch busting offer for those who don’t want to get themselves tied into a lengthy contract.

For £15 per month, 3 UK customers can pick up 5GB of data, with just a one month commitment. Consumers can cancel by giving just 30 days notice.

The tariff is designed to tempt prepay users over to a contract without any serious commitment. A USB mobile broadband dongle is available from 3 for £19.99.

O2 has a mobile broadband Bolt On available for both iPhone and dongle users on a rolling one month contract, but you only get 3GB for £15, and the modem costs £60. O2’s other offer is 10GB for £30 per month.

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