Vodafone launches services with Telekom Austria

Operator group Telekom Austria has announced that it will offer a range of Vodafone’s consumer services to its subscribers in Austria and Croatia.

Telekom Austria’s domestic brand, A1, is a Vodafone partner in Austria while Croatian subsidiary Vipnet is Vodafone’s partner in that market. Under the terms of such agreements, Vodafone cooperates with foreign partners in the development and marketing of certain services in their markets, often under a dual brand.

The services to be launched include the operator group’s cloud offering Vodafone Cloud; Vodafone Protect, a security service powered by McAfee; parental control tool Vodafone Guardian and Vodafone Contacts, a free service that backs up Vodafone customers’ address book and contact details.

The services will be available for A1 customers as of March 31. Similar services will then be launched in Croatia for Vipnet customers. Telekom Austria added that it has also extended its partnership agreement with Vodafone for a further three years.

“I am convinced that the new features will boost the user experience of Telekom Austria Group’s customers,” said Reinhard Zuba, group CMO of the Telekom Austria Group.

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