Lucy Lombardi, VP international groups & standards, Telecom Italia

Lucy Lombardi, vice president for international groups & standards, Telecom Italia and director of business initiatives, GSM Association

Lucy Lombardi is vice president for International Groups & Standards at Telecom Italia. She is responsible for representing TI and communicating its positions within a range of standards bodies and industry associations as well as developing new business opportunities. She is also director of business initiatives at the GSM Association.

Lombardi started out in software development in C++ before moving into satellite radiometry after winning a competition within the European Space Agency. Moving into the mobile industry in 1996, she has held a number of positions at the Italian incumbent carrier, straddling everything from technology (she served as technical roaming manager), to services development, and business strategies. She left TIM in 2000 to join Italian start-up operator BLU, which was broken up in 2002, when she rejoined the incumbent.

It is perhaps in the standards environment that she has wielded the most influence, however. Lombardi has served three terms as Chair of the GSMA/IREG (Interworking and Roaming Experts Group) international Working Group from 1999 to 2006.

She holds a masters degree in physics from the University of Rome which included a thesis on an original research project studying infrared radiometry for advanced robotics.

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