Ericsson snaps up Nortel core switching business

Huawei and Telenor sign an international deal

There are still titbits of the Nortel carcass to be had, with Ericsson this weekend striking a bargain to acquire the Canadian firm’s Multi-Service Switch business (MSS), boosting its presence in the CDMA market.

Ericsson will pay $65m for the MSS unit, which will nicely complement the GSM and CDMA assets picked up from Nortel last year.

An important part of the CDMA ecosystem, MSS offers the sale and support of data networks and switching platforms for core networks, providing valuable services for backbone network customers.

“Today’s announcement is further evidence of our commitment to our CDMA portfolio as we continue to strengthen our in-house R&D and services muscle to deliver on innovation, collaboration and support.” said Rima Qureshi, senior vice president and head of business unit CDMA Mobile Systems and recent entry into’s list of the most influential women in mobile.

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