Vodafone, Bosch integrate global M2M platforms

China Mobile and Deutsche Telekom agree on a new Machine-to-Machine venture

UK-based carrier Vodafone and electronics manufacturer Bosch have struck a global partnership, combining their respective machine to machine (M2M) platforms, expanding the sectors in which both companies can offer their services.

Examples of products that could benefit from embedded SIMs and the associated management platform include lifts, air conditioning systems and escalators with automatic warning systems.

“The collaboration will combine Bosch’s experience in designing sensors and automated work flow processes, based on Bosch’s Multi-Service Platform, with Vodafone’s expertise in providing excellent network quality and management tools that take the stress out of global deployments,” said Nick Jeffery, CEO of Vodafone Global Enterprise.

Bosch will provide its Multi Service Platform, which allows firms to develop automated processes, and integrate it with Vodafone’s Global Data Service Platform (GDSP) which enables businesses to manage the connectivity of embedded SIMs.

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