MBNL signs £100m deal with Virgin Media Business

NSN claims new feature offers up to five times more capacity for smartphone users on HSPA+ networks

MBNL the joint venture between T-Mobile and Three, has signed an eight-year contract worth over £100m ($161m) with Virgin Media Business to provide higher mobile broadband speeds for its customers.

MBNL will be the first company to roll out Virgin Media Business’ Sync-E solution. The deployment will enable MBNL to lay the foundations for a transition towards 4G and support the surge in data traffic that it will bring, the firms said.

Virgin Media Business will build 14 regional aggregation networks across the UK to enhance MBNL’s bandwidth capacity. The companies said that the high performance network will give consumers a better mobile experience offering them an improvement in services such as video calling and mobile TV.

“This is a game changer for us,” said Brendan Lynch, director of wholesale markets at Virgin Media Business. “We’re upgrading MBNL to a 1Gbps Ethernet service so it’ll give Everything Everywhere and Three customers the full potential of 3G services. We’re moving the market along with this bandwidth jump.”

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