Telenor Connexion wins security deal in Netherlands

Sector Alarm is using Telenor Connexion's technology to secure Dutch homes

Telenor Connexion’s technology will be used to provide wireless connectivity for home alarms and security systems in the Netherlands, after residential security firm Sector Alarm, selected the firm as its M2M connectivity provider.

Sector Alarm, which protects over 130,000 households with home alarms and home security systems in  Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, where it will begin using the technology. The firm said that Telenor Connexion’s solutions enable it to offer customers faster, more secure, real-time alarm system communications, with customer service support available 24 hours a day.

The wireless security system delivers increased flexibility for the end user, offers increased options for placement of the CPU and eliminates visible wires, the company said. It added that the technology provides protection from lightning and power issues, which means that customers will be secure from theft, tampering and environmental issues, such as storms or power outages.

“We view wireless solutions as the most secure, reliable and easy to apply for multi-national deployments,” said Leif Motrø, technical director at Sector Alarm.

“Our partnership makes it possible to grow and move forward towards our long-term goal of becoming the leading company for home alarms in Europe.”

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