RIM adds NewBay to acquisition portfolio

BlackBerry’s management restructure has seen the hiring of four former SAP staff

Canadian devices firm RIM has announced its acquisition of digital content services provider NewBay, the BlackBerry maker’s fifth acquisition of 2011.

The firm has already acquired cloud-based video editing services provider JayCut, mobile social gaming firm Scoreloop, cloud-based calendar and scheduling services provider and contacts management startup Gist, this year.

“Today we are pleased to announce that NewBay has joined Research In Motion (RIM). We’re excited that the NewBay team will be bringing their expertise in cloud-based digital content services to the BlackBerry platform,” said Alan Brenner, SVP, BlackBerry platform on the company’s blog.

“NewBay’s LifeCache platform helps enable operators and device makers to deliver content across multiple, connected devices such as mobile phones, PCs and tablets.”

The company is battling to win back customer trust after a high profile outage earlier this month, but has recently announced it will be delaying the launch of the next version of its PlayBook OS.

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