Visa launches mobile payment services


Payment provider Visa has announced the launch of mobile services that allow financial institutions to offer their account holders the ability to monitor account history and balances, transfer funds between accounts, and receive near real time transaction alerts on their mobile devices.

The firm has made enhancements to its issuer processing platform, Visa DPS, to offer mobile services that are fully managed by Visa and can be accessed with any mobile device, any mobile channel, and with any eligible debit, credit or prepaid account.

It is also developing additional services such as mobile cheque deposit, NFC payments, mobile offers and support for, Visa’s digital wallet service.

“The services offered by Visa DPS are a one-stop solution for Visa clients who want to serve their customers through the mobile channel without making significant investments in hardware, software or mobile expertise,” said John Partridge, Visa president.

“Through our ongoing investments in Visa DPS, our clients can not only take advantage of Visa’s scale and expertise in payments processing, but also have the opportunity to easily implement Visa’s extensive roadmap of mobile innovations – from mobile banking, to NFC payments, and to our digital wallet,”

Look out for the April of issue of Mobile Communications International (MCI), where we will be focusing on the opportunities and challenges presented by the rise in mobile payment services.

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  1. Michael 23/02/2012 @ 2:45 pm

    Sounds really interesting. Is there any way of knowing when this will become a reality?

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