P&TLuxembourg picks Alca-Lu for fibre expansion

ADTRAN and Aethra Telecommunications collaborate on reverse powered technology

P&TLuxembourg, the main operator of Luxembourg, has chosen a fibre access platform from Alcatel-Lucent for its project to bring fibre-based broadband services to the Grand Duchy.

Alcatel-Lucent will supply its 7360 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) FX – the company’s highest capacity fibre access platform – for the project, which will be based upon passive optical networking (PON) and Active Point-to-Point technology.

P&TLuxembourg reports that it plans to deliver a wide array of broadband services and content to consumers and businesses over the new network, including streaming video, music and social networking for consumers, and video conferencing and cloud-based productivity tools for businesses.

It is also hoping to improve network reliability to support sensitive financial and business transactions that occur on its network, as well as explore potential new business models and revenue opportunities that can take advantages of the enhanced network.

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