Astellia highlights benefits of customer segmentation

Astellia Nova Customer Analytics screen

At Mobile World Congress 2015, network intelligence outfit Astellia took the opportunity to demonstrate some of the customer segmentation tools contained within its Nova Customer Analytics product.

Speaking to Thierry Jacq, Global Solution Marketing Director at Astellia stressed how useful it is for operators to be able to accurately segment their subscribers, especially by tracking revenue against usage, to minimize the churn of high ARPU customers.

It stands to reason that subscriber segments that account for a large amount of revenue, but consume relatively little data are more valuable than low revenue/high usage ones and Astellia is banking on operator demand for a tool that allows such segmentation.

In the screenshot below you can see six segments created by the Astellia analytics tool, chosen by their relative mobile data consumption behaviour. In the pie charts underneath you can see that, for example, ‘Social connectors tend to generate relatively high revenues while using relatively little data, while ‘File sharers’ are quite the opposite.

It stands to reason that operators would be more keen to prevent the chum of the former rather than the latter and Astellia expects them to use this information to enable targeted marketing campaigns, sales promotions and whatever else it takes to keep high value subscribers on-board.

Astellia Nova Customer Analytics screen

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