Top 5 Tips For Getting the Most Out Of Offshore Marine Crewing 2015

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  1. Become part of the conversation

Get involved with debates and discussions by casting your vote over some of the most hotly contested topics of the day; at the event you’ll be informed of how to utilise live audience polling and how to submit questions on the conference’s hottest topics.

  1. Get networking 

Use our Online Networking System (ONS) to access the full attendee list and to arrange meetings with delegates in advance. You will have received an email with a username and password from

  1. Plan your time wisely

Scour agendas in advance and use our app to plan which talks and sessions you want to go to and make the most of the town hall style open forum whilst you’re there. Through this you’ll be able to flag issues you’d like to discuss.

  1. Keep up-to-date

Express your views, share photos and see what others think through Twitter. Get following @Crew_Connect and use the event’s hash tag #OMC2015

  1. Keep the conversation going

The conference may be over but that doesn’t mean that knowledge sharing and networking need to be. Post event, keep the conversation going through our social media channels. Twitter and LinkedIn in particular are great for staying in touch in between seeing your colleagues at the next conference! You can start online networking right now through the LinkedIn group.

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