Everything Everywhere offers 10-minute MVNO service

Google has acquired mobile alarm clock developer Bitspin, the developer has confirmed

UK operator Everything Everywhere has claimed that it will be able to get new MVNOs up and running on its network in just ten minutes after signing a deal with mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA) Atmovia.

The operator, which runs the T-Mobile and Orange brands in the UK, is looking to grow the number of MVNOs it supports on its network and has enlisted the services of Atmovia to help out. The MVNA claims that through its self-service, branded portal it can take just ten minutes for an MVNO to create and roll-out a new tariff, whereas previously this would have taken several weeks.

Atmovia’s platform is underpinned by technology from Nokia Siemens Networks and the MVNA said that its “out-of-the-box” solution has the capacity to manage up to 7 million subscribers.

“We don’t believe that anyone else has done what we have; investing in the highest-spec, carrier grade technology for our platform, and taking the time to fully integrate it with our MNO partner,” said Richard Williams, COO at Atmovia. “Our MVNO customers will benefit from this investment directly, as they are able to quickly react to changing market conditions and offer their own customers the flexible and high-quality service they expect.”

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