Vodafone demos Skype on mobile

At the CeBit tech conference in Hannover Thursday, British operator Vodafone demonstrated calls being made over the internet using VoIP application, Skype. The company hinted that it may offer the software on its mobiles at some time in the future.

Using a menu bar that is strikingly similar to 3UK’s X-Series offering, Vodafone demonstrated the launch application for a combination of IP services including MSN Messenger, Skype and AOL IM. Vodafone calls the launch application: ‘Starfish.’

The company said it had not yet decided when, or if, it will actually launch Starfish and its associated applications, although it is considering it. Operators are wary of providing customers with a means of bypassing charges on voice calls, something Skype was designed to do.

Skype over Vodafone has been mooted for some time and the operator is under increasing pressure both at home and abroad to keep up with players like 3UK which launched its X-Series tariff earlier this year. X-Seires includes Skype, Yahoo, MSN Messenger for a flat-rate monthly fee.


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