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The 5G revolution and the relevance of the 5GIC

The birth of 5G was inevitable with the recent unprecedented, exponential take-up of data and video services, fuelled by social media proliferation and the widespread availability of smartphones.

Designing 5G to stand the test of time

There are few technologies which have received as much press attention and industry expectation as 5G has in recent years, but until now there have been very few elements of the technology solidly defined and many of the comments have been based on pure speculation.

A tale of two 5Gs and possibly more

We’re still in the earliest stages of actually defining what 5G will be, and the opinions of operators are useful in outlining needs, evaluating early research efforts, and discussing business impact.

Nokia reveals new Network-as-a-Service 5G architecture

Nokia Networks has unveiled a new network architecture that is programmable and aimed squarely at whatever 5G turns out to be. Drawing extensively on concepts like NFV and SDN, Nokia is claiming this offers operators a Network-as-a-Service model.

Intel talks IoT and 5G at IDF 2015

US CPU giant Intel sought to position itself as a key player in the next telecoms eras by focusing on topics such as 5G and IoT at its big developer conference.


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