Systems integration: from tax to benefit, the importance of the right-sized systems integrator

kapsch march 2013

By referring to systems integration this paper understands the term to mean the process and means by which telecoms infrastructure projects are managed end-to-end across their life-cycle: from planning, design, engineering, installation, acceptance, to maintenance, training and 24/7 support activities for these systems.

This white paper describes the current drivers and demand for telecoms equipment systems integration, and outlines the options for selecting a suitable systems integrator partner.

It finds that many operators are faced with the need for a “right-sized”, independent partner that can act in an end-to-end manner as a systems integrator. It proposes that, if done correctly, systems integration can move from being a “tax” on invested capital to an operator benefit, saving time and money and resulting in more efficient ongoing operations.

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Kapsch March 2013 Whitepaper

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