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Alan Law, Chairman, Small Cell Forum

Alan Law, Chairman of the Small Cell Forum, talks through his organisation’s latest release, which focuses on rural connectivity, and reviews some of its work around virtualization.

Benoît Joly, SVP Marketing and Smart Home, Technicolor

Benoît Joly, SVP Marketing and Smart Home at Technicolor introduces the Technicolor Digital Life suite of services, while colleagues Olivier Lafontaine and Gaetan Delcroix discuss its LTE gateway and set-top box.

Niall Norton, CEO, Openet

Niall Norton, CEO of Openet discusses the importance of innovation for CSPs and how the era of virtualization is creating many more opportunities for them to do so.

Saar Gillai, SVP and GM, HP NFV

Saar Gillai, SVP and GM of HP NFV, discusses the many advantages of moving network functions into the cloud and expands on the recent announcement of HP’s partnership with Telefónica over its Unica platform.

Simon Brown, CEO, ip.access

Simon Brown, CEO of ip.access, explains the unique qualities of his company’s Presence Cell, including the ability to identify any user or handset in any location, of which uses include retail analytics.

Claire Cassar, CEO, Haud Systems

Claire Cassar, CEO of Haud Systems talks us through application-to-person SMS messaging and explains why it’s growing even while person-to-person SMS is in decline.

Managing future loads with a smarter network

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT – The way in which the telecoms industry operates is changing, and it’s becoming ever more integral to the rapid technological evolution taking place worldwide. As little as five years ago, the idea of having a tablet was scarcely considered. Yet in 2013 and 2014, there were just shy of 500 million tablet shipments worldwide, with another 256.2 million shipments forecasted in 2015, according to analyst house Strategy Analytics.

Achieving a fibre-enabled future: realising the potential of FTTH

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT – In recent years, fibre to the premises or home (FTTP or FTTH) has become an increasingly discussed option for addressing the overwhelming growth of data consumption.Traditionally, the copper-based last mile severely restricts download speeds for consumers, and providers are seeking alternative means for optimising the access point between the premises, access point and the core network.

Chih-Lin I, Chief Scientist, China Mobile – Part Two’s Tim Skinner grabbed a few minutes with China Mobile’s Chih-Lin I at LTE North America to discuss the technical challenges in the evolution towards a 5G era. This video shows part two of the two-part video interview.

Ethan Boyd, Vice President, Ultra Mobile’s Tim Skinner grabbed a few minutes with Ultra Mobile’s Ethan Boyd at the MVNO USA Industry Summit to discuss the increasingly differentiated role of the MVNO in today’s mobile industry.


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