October 2012
Broadband Outlook - the official delegate publication for Broadband World Forum 2012 - provides news and features on broadband developments, key industry statistics and contributions from leading experts. Features include: Data Centres, High Frequency Trading and LTE Interview: Tony Werner, CTO of Comcast Marketplace: Who's who in the broadband industry
October 2012
Innovation and opportunity in the global enterprise mobility market Featuring: BYOD: how operators can turn a profit from the latest enterprise mobility trend RIM vs Microsoft: moving into one another's territory Interview: Vivek Badrinath global head of Orange Business Services
May 2012
Now in it’s fifth year, LTE Outlook is established as the primary magazine for Informa Telecoms & Media's series of market-leading LTE events including LTE World Summit 2012.
December 2011
Contents: Compared to the mobile market fixed broadband penetration is low The Middle Eastern telecoms market proves its resilience LTE marketing messages cause confusion over first to launch Social networking usage in MENA post Arab Spring


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