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The 5G revolution and the relevance of the 5GIC

The birth of 5G was inevitable with the recent unprecedented, exponential take-up of data and video services, fuelled by social media proliferation and the widespread availability of smartphones.

Designing 5G to stand the test of time

There are few technologies which have received as much press attention and industry expectation as 5G has in recent years, but until now there have been very few elements of the technology solidly defined and many of the comments have been based on pure speculation.

Re-architecting Infrastructure and Operations for New Growth

From September 15th to 16th, Huawei held 2015 Global Services Forum, under the theme of Re-architecting Infrastructure and Operations for New Growth, the two-day event brings together more than 300 guests from leading global carriers, standards organizations, open source communities, analyst institutions, partners, and media outlets. The forum this year is aiming at sharing experiences, innovations, best practices, and thought leadership to advance new growth on the journey of experience-driven re-architecting operations and ICT infrastructure. Dr. Howard Liang, Huawei Senior VP and President of Global Technical Service, delivered a keynote speech at the forum.

Changing Mindset to Create User Experience – Driven Operation Model

Telecom has been a lively industry over the past three years. We’ve heard many new terms, and indulged in intense discussions. Software-defined, virtualization, SDN, NFV, cloud data center, 4.5G, 5G, and ultra-broadband are just a few examples. But it’s a pity that the operation was not as in fashion as the network. Why? Fundamentally I think it is a matter of mindset. We’ve become used to a network-centric approach, always looking at the network before operation, which is considered as a support function for the network.

Why we shouldn’t hang up on the landline

The traditional telephone has become an endangered species it seems. That reassuring purr of the landline when we pick up the receiver is a sound that many will never get to hear.

A tale of two 5Gs and possibly more

We’re still in the earliest stages of actually defining what 5G will be, and the opinions of operators are useful in outlining needs, evaluating early research efforts, and discussing business impact.

3 ways the Internet of Things will (probably) change the world

Internet of Things World spoke to Gary Barnett, Chief Analyst – Software at industry analyst Ovum, to make sense of all the hype around IoT and identifies some of the ways in which it really could transform the world, including health, industry and agriculture.

How do DAS and small cells compare?

Another, well-established technology that can also be considered a small cell is the distributed antenna system (DAS). There are many similarities between small cells and DAS in terms of power output, coverage areas and size. In fact, DAS is often referred to as the original small cell.

LTE and Wi-Fi: the missing Link

Unlicensed spectrum has the potential to open up additional capacity for networks to support the licensed bands which are currently used to deliver LTE, and are increasingly creaking under the strain of data hungry users.

Builders, utilities, and telcos must work together to provide fiber FROM the home

By working with construction companies, power-grid operators and other utilities, communications service providers can help build out broadband infrastructure while reducing their costs in time and money. This will only happen, however, if governments support this undertaking with the right regulatory frameworks.

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