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OnHub: sneakily does it, Google

The initial wave of excitement generated by Google’s OnHub device seems to be settling down. When it comes to consumer electronics, you have to hand it to Google and Apple – they really know how to generate buzz, don’t they?

Making your energy meter smart

According to DECC, by 2020 all homes and businesses will be upgraded to use ‘smart meters’ ensuring consumers are aware of their energy footprint, in turn, empowering them to become more aware of their energy consumption, perhaps to the dismay of the supplier.

Telecoms vendors reach their moment of truth

The sharp increase in mobile data uptake over the last eight years has not delivered a similar increase in the profits and performance of the telecom equipment vendors who build operators networks.

The direct link between smartphone bugs and customer churn

Consumers expect that their device is easy-to-operate and immune from bugs and glitches. Yet, given the range of applications a user can download, coupled with the frequency with which they are used, smartphones are bound to malfunction periodically.

BaaS: Getting the full value of A2P SMS

Contrary to popular belief, operator messaging traffic has grown in the face of OTT competition. Although subscribers don’t tend to place the same value on SMS as they did a decade ago, businesses do.

WebRTC isn’t the only game in town

The first thing to understand about WebRTC is that it’s open source and free, which has the advantage of lowering entry barriers and enabling developers of apps such as OTT consumer apps where there is a lower income per user model to take advantage of its capabilities.

Is the UK choking on a high-fibre diet?

Other means of providing broadband, such as satellite, are now being considered as pilot schemes to reach the last 1,335,000 households in the country; yet these have faced an uphill battle for adoption thanks to outdated viewpoints.

Wearable tech – a passing fashion?

Inevitably, wearable technology of all types raise a broad range of potential legal issues, the key ones being intellectual property (IP) protection and data protection/privacy.

Revisited: What is this Internet of Things, thing?

It’s been a year! Yes, a whole year has passed since I wrote my first piece for – I know what you’re thinking, “He hasn’t aged a day!” Yep, I know, I just put it down to good genes and large quantities of ‘red’.

How will SDN prepare operators for IoT and 5G?

In this podcast, discusses the merits of SDN and NFV in the operator, and hypothesise how they’ll both enable IoT and 5G for operators in the years to come. Editorial director, Scott Bicheno, and Intelligence content manager, Tim Skinner, mull over how software defined networking has evolved over the past few years alongside its […]

The Connected Car: is Big Brother at the wheel?

It’s predicted that in as little as five years from now there will be more than 250 million connected cars on our roads, a fact which presents both a global opportunity for the Internet of Things (IoT), savvy car manufacturers and a huge challenge for the IT industry.

The German spectrum auction: Failure to negotiate?

The blocks acquired by the operators at the end of round 181 are exactly the same as the standing highest bids in round 34 but a with a total price of only €1,993. This means the three operators between them spent around €3 billion more than might have been necessary to achieve the same or a similar outcome.


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