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OTTs in the telco space – welcome to our world

Each time you use a Google product – be it an Android handset or their internet search engine, the company gathers data about your profile, enabling the delivery of targeted content. Google’s business is all about monetizing that data and knowledge. They are arguably the world’s biggest and best data analytics company.

Big Data generates big opportunities for CSPs

Recent global big data research found that 83 percent of communications companies agree that big data has the potential to provide a significant source of value to the business.

Can the Internet of Things save Edna?

In what’s been coined the year of wearable technology, the provision of empowering and intuitive monitoring is something that will increasingly play a part in both our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Customer dissatisfaction is roaming away

CSPs are now reformulating how they price and package roaming, especially for data services. But while reduced roaming rate might appear to primarily benefit consumers, is it really such a bad strategy for CSPs and will it have a negative impact on revenue?

Survey reveals customer attitudes to UK ISPs

A survey asks broadband users to rank their provider in four areas – customer service, technical support, speed satisfaction and reliability. Finally, its asks everyone whether they would recommend their provider to others.

Can White Space solutions solve the rural broadband challenge?

The use of White Spaces, portions of licensed radio spectrum that licensees do not use all of the time or in all geographical locations, for wireless broadband provides a tantalising opportunity to deliver cheap and ubiquitous broadband services.

Redesigning the operator business model: The challenges of NFV

Although it’s widely accepted that NFV represents the evolution of network design and holds the key to improving service delivery, it must also be recognised that the transition from hardware-based to software-defined networks represents a double-edged sword for operators.

Smartphone innovation is changing customer care economics

Mobile operators around the world are focused on making the evolving smartphone experience as rewarding for consumers as possible. But this process has become increasingly complicated due to a variety of different factors, and it’s set to put operators’ existing customer care operations under increasing strain. This has important implications for operators looking to maintain healthy profitability.

Eight pricing and portfolio tips for telco operators

Our Global Pricing Study revealed that 72 percent of all new products are a commercial flop. Or put another way: only one-third of telco operators state that their new products are a commercial success!

Embracing SMAC to satisfy subscribers

Today’s consumers are all about instant gratification and getting their demands met immediately. They want to be seamlessly connected to the people, devices, content and experiences they care about most, and they want more intelligent devices, contextually aware applications, mobile apps and portals to deliver more personalized content.

SaaS and cloud: great levellers for operator SMB market

Historically, operators have struggled to reach and fully engage SMBs beyond the provision of basic connectivity and devices. This is surprising given the size of the current market and the rate in which it is expected to grow by.

It’s all about the ‘cell’

In last month’s feature, I mentioned that I planned to speak with ip.access and, as promised, I did catch up with Nick Johnson, Chief Technology Officer (CTO); Gavin Ray, Senior Vice President (SVP), Products and Marketing, and the ever-so wonderful, Emmanuela Spiteri Micallef, Senior Marketing Manager; all based in Cambridge.

Machine learning meets personalisation: what it means for today’s operators

Telco marketers have the tough task of growing revenue and improving loyalty as competitive pressure intensifies. Marketing teams run as many campaigns as possible. They use business intelligence tools to hunt for new customer segments. They develop and deploy targeting rules, and they perform A/B tests to run experiments. Yet as time goes on, they realize that their testing and optimization tools have produced diminishing returns.


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