Cisco Global IT Impact Survey – Increase your IT Business Impact

The results of the Cisco Global IT Impact Survey provides Insight into IT’s role as a business enabler. assesses the extent network investments keep pace with business demands and looks at IT’s likelihood to adopt new technologies that can increase IT’s effectiveness.

NFV: Insight from a systems integrator

The fundamental architectural changes introduced by Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) essentially propose the meshing of the telecom and IT functions and a welcome move away from bespoke hardware. Although this development will have a world-changing effect on the telecoms ecosystem and the way network equipment is bought and sold, this effect is secondary to the economic and operational benefits NFV is set to bring.

How to Select the Right Remote Support Tool

Today’s customer support and IT service organizations are charged with supporting ever-more complex environments that include multiple channels of communication to a seemingly limitless number of devices and systems—all while keeping support costs down. To meet these conflicting demands, service organizations are turning to remote support solutions.

Operator Perspectives on 4G BSS Requirements

This document, produced by in conjunction with Redknee draws on the previously unreleased results of a survey conducted at the beginning of 2014 by Intelligence. The survey sought the opinions of more than 60 operator executives from around the world on requirements for BSS evolution as the industry consolidates its move to an LTE world.

Marketing and Selling to Operators – the new rules

This report – titled ConneCt – from mobile and telecoms PR agency, CCgroup, reveals for the first time the communications platforms that drive vendor inclusion in operator procurement long listing, the influencing factors when shortlisting, and the critical factors in vendor selection.

The Rising Financial Impact of Customer Service

The role of customer service is one that is valued and well understood by many organizations. However, making the leap from correlating customer service activities with overall performance results to investing in strategies that deliver top-notch results is increasingly becoming a key differentiator.

OTT/Telco partnerships face cultural and technical challenges

Although the telecoms industry remains largely enthusiastic about the prospect of operators partnering with Over The Top service providers, several challenges still threaten to derail such partnerships, the Intelligence Industry Survey 2014 has revealed.

WeDo scores RA deal with Zain

Portuguese business assurance software provider WeDo Technologies has announced a deal with Zain that will see the Middle Eastern mobile operator deploy WeDo’s revenue assurance product, Raid, in Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq.

From Hardware Manufacturer to Service Provider White Paper

This white paper is for manufacturers of mobile phones, tablets, automotive vehicles, consumer electronics and other wirelessly connected devices (in the paper, described as “mobile devices”) that are interested in using their hardware products as platforms from which to deliver value-added services.

Mobile Operators’ CEM: The Market Reality

Keen to move away from price-based competition and create unique identities in the market, mobile operators are embracing Customer Experience Management (CEM) as a key differentiator.

Cloud 2.0: Securing Trust to Survive the ‘One-In-Five’ CSP Shake-Out

The Cloud market is on the verge of the next wave of market penetration, yet it’s likely that only one in five Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in today’s marketplace will still be around by 2017, as vendors fail or are swallowed up by aggressive competitors. So what do CSPs need to do to survive and prosper?

Small cells and satellite – Making rural coverage pay

In the densely populated urban areas of many markets, mature and emerging, cellular telephony has reached or is nearing saturation. Competition in these metropolitan markets is fierce and mobile operators are now intent on expanding their reach into remote and rural areas in a bid to drive further growth in subscriptions and revenues.

Protecting your Customer Base by Ensuring the Best Customer Experience

The Telecom environment is ever changing. Demand for smartphones and tablets continues to increase, more people become more mobile and telecom service providers are under pressure to grow revenue, customers and market share.

This whitepaper explores the changing landscape for devices and platforms, the evolution of support desk metrics from efficiency measurements to customer satisfaction ratings, and how incorporating remote support tools into a telecommunications organisation can improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Download the ‘Protecting your Customer Base by Ensuring the Best Customer Experience’ whitepaper to explore examples of how telecommunication organisations worldwide have improved their customer service by implementing remote support as part of their service offering.


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